“Our tracking system gives agents real-time access to notes from our team of professional negotiators on all of their files. “
“The system also provides agents email updates and will make the short sale process seamless for you.”
We are fully licensed Mortgage Broker Business compliant with the guidelines for short sale processing and negotiation.

Dependable Service For Realtors

Florida Short Sale Negotiators is a company dedicated to negotiating short sales for homeowners across the state of Florida.  Our services are at no charge to the homeowner and we never collect money until the deal has closed and we have earned our fee. We also have the ability to assure a FEE FREE experience for you as an agent. 


Florida Short Sale Negotiators is a unique company that has found a way to bring realtors a premiere short sale negotiation service delivered by licensed professionals in a manner that keeps you updated, comfortable and able to manage your real estate listings in a way you never thought possible.  Our proprietary short sale tracking system gives you access to all details on the short sale process and allows you to be informed about the progress of the short sale and provide the confidence you need to thrive as  a short sale specialist.

Our services are differentiated by:

  1. 1. No Upfront fees for realtor or homeowner.

2.  No fee collected until closing - after we have earned it by getting your deal approved.

3.  On-line tracking system that allows you access and visibility to your files at all times - also updates buyers agents and sellers.

4.  Established contacts at lenders to help facilitate file review.

5.  Proven process for getting short sales approved and closed.

Our team of experienced negotiators is professional, persistent and results driven.

As a real estate professional, you should focus on your core competencies and let us focus on ours - getting your files approved and closed. 


Email: fssninfo@gmail.com

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