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Florida Short Sale Negotiators, LLC is a licensed mortgage brokerage business dedicated to negotiating short sales for realtors and homeowners across the state of Florida.  Our services are at no charge to you.  We will work closely with you and your licensed real estate professional to get the short sale reviewed in a timely manner and position the files for a favorable decision.  


Short selling your property can be an overwhelming process.  It is important that you work with professionals who understand the short sale process.  One of the most important components of the short sale is having your property listed for sale.  At Florida Short Sale Negotiators, we do not list your property, but we do have an extensive network of professional and experienced real estate agents that can help you get your property listed and under contract.

 Here are some basic things you should know about the short sale process:

1.  Your lender(s) look at your short sale application from several perspectives. 

                a.  Will we make more short selling then we will if the property goes to foreclosure?

                b.  Does the seller have a valid hardship?

                c.  Have all documents needed for the review been provided?

2.  You must have the property listed for sale with a licensed real estate professional

  1. 3. The lender has policies about deficiency and terms of the approval that will be stipulated in writing.  It is important you understand these terms prior to closing.

Florida Short Sale Negotiators, LLC is a licensed mortgage brokerage business.  We do not provide legal advice or provide foreclosure defense services.  It is important you speak with an attorney if you have legal questions about foreclosure or short sales.



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Listing your home for sale with a qualified and licensed Realtor is the first step in the short sale Process.
Our team will work with you and your agent to get your short sale approved in a timely manner.
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